Custom Aquatic Systems Services

Aquahab provides clients with quality ecosystem evaluations and nature-based solutions that not only protect sensitive aquatic environments but also serve to restore landscapes to their natural beauty. In a few weeks, 

AquaHab accomplishes what might take nature a century or more to do. This speeding up of geological time helps to prevent the permanent loss of rare aquatic species and watershed elements.

River, Pool and Wetland Evaluations and Surveys

Aqua-Hab's ultimate goal is to ensure your river, pond and wetland project vision make sense for both you and the natural environment. To this end, we gather data on gradients, flood flow recurrence intervals and the historical and current geography of your property. The devil is truly in the details.

River Channel and Fish Habitat Improvements

Whether you've noticed a shift in the fish population or are simply hoping for that perfect trout habitat right out your backdoor, we're firm believers that if you build it, they will come. It's such a thrill to see trout species thrive in their natural habitat; let us help you restore that balance.

Riparian Restoration

Floods, cattle, construction...the impacts on riverbanks, ponds and fish populations are varied and harsh. Using environmental engineering and sensitive build/design strategies, we find the best way to restore watersheds to their natural form and flow.

Bank Stabilization and Bio-Engineering Projects

Erosion is a part of a river's life, so our job is to enact nature-based solutions that help to capture a waterway's natural flow while also anticipating future impacts on the environment. To stabilize and protect banks, Aqua-Hab uses grade-control structures and vortex weirs featuring native cottonwood logs, root wads and willows, rolls of excelsior matting and boulders.

Pond Enhancement and Management Plans

Create the landscape of your wildest dreams with idyllic ponds, waterfall features, rock art, floating islands, lush gardens and other aquatic landscape design enhancements.

Floating Islands

Floating islands are not only aesthetically-pleasing but also serve to improve water quality in ponds. Held to the bottom of the pond with cement blocks, this nature-based solution sprouts long roots to help uptake nitrogen and phosphorous, improving overall water quality by increasing oxygen and reducing algae blooms. These islands create an excellent environment for birds, butterflies and other aquatic life as well as provide natural plant cover for fish. Aqua-Hab sources floating islands made from recycled plastic from Floating Islands International, a Montana-based company.

Wetland Enhancement

When murky ponds and marshy areas are calling for a makeover, Aqua-Hab recommends introducing more nature-based solutions, such as native plants to choke out weeds and create better wetland environments. These plants help attract insects, birds, butterflies, dragonflies and other aquatic life so fish can thrive.

Pond Aeration

When ponds are dug and lined, Aqua-Hab recommends placing an aeration system in the pond to increase water movement. This prevents algae buildup and bloom in the pond, providing oxygen for the fish and keeping the water from freezing in the winter. Aqua-Hab sources aeration systems from Keeton Industries, a Colorado-based company. Electric and solar options are available.

Aquatic Landscape Design

Aqua-Hab helps to create mini-paradises with stream features, ponds, wetland enhancements and other nature-based solutions. The results are inspiring aquascapes ideal for fish - or for you to simply enjoy the environment of chirping birds, gorgeous plants and your wildest backyard dreams come true.