Project 1: Animas River Bank Stabilization: Southern Ute Tribal Lands

Condition: This fishing access section on the Animas River was flowing too fast and shallow for trout to thrive. As well, over 1,000-feet of extreme erosion along the bank was causing massive amounts of soil and sediment to degrade the water quality.

Solution: In order to improve water quality, the riverbank landscape and trout fishing opportunities, Aqua-Hab implemented bioengineering techniques to stabilize the bank. These included cutting the slope of the banks to a 3:1 ratio, placing erosion cloth and planting willow and cottonwood trees. As well, boulders were placed in the river to create pools and slow the water flow.

Project 2: Rock Creek Stream Stabilization 

Condition: On a quarter-mile stretch of this tributary to the Pine River, an extremely-eroded bank was causing sediment to build up in the water, contributing to poor water quality and waters too warm for trout to thrive in.

Solution: Using bioengineering techniques, Aqua-Hab sloped banks and introduced native plants to the natural landscape to provide cover for trout and a cooling agent for the waters.

Animas River bank before

Animas River bank at flood stage

Animas River bank after project and flood stage

Rock Creek