Project 1: Animas River Fish Habitat Improvements

Condition: Shallow, slow-moving water held no pools or cover for trout.

Solution: In order to improve trout fishing opportunities, Aqua-Hab opened up the water flow by digging out cobble and strategically placing large boulders that created deep pools near the bank. Steps were also built into the steep bank to better-access the new and improved fishing hole.

Project 2: Dolores River Fish Habitat Improvements

Condition: Shallow water held no trout for a hopeful fly-fisherman on his ranch property along a mile-stretch of the Florida River.

Solution: Large boulders were placed to encourage scouring during spring runoff, and the water flow was naturally slowed so that aquatic plants and insects could thrive, creating an enticing biome for trout. These new fishing holes combined with bank vegetation provide cover for the trout while also cooling the water down.

Animas River

Dolores River

Dolores River