Project 1: Backyard Landscape Oasis 

Condition: This homeowner desired a small backyard pond and waterfall to improve the natural landscape aesthetics and attract birds.

Solution: Well water was tapped as a water source, while an aeration system was installed to get water moving in order to reduce algae. Bull rushes and flowering plants were planted along the pond’s edge, attracting insects and, ultimately, birds.

Project 2: Windom Development Ponds

Condition: This high-end home development site north of Durango wanted to install ponds that would not only enhance the landscape and provide trout fishing opportunities for residents but also serve as a source of water for fire fighting.

Solution: Ponds were dug and lined, and an aeration system was added below the liner in order to keep the water moving so it would reduce algae bloom, prevent the water from freezing in the winter, provide oxygen for the fish and improve water quality. Plants and boulders were elegantly placed along the edges of the bank, complementing the surrounding natural landscape.

Project 3: Granite Ranch Landscaped Stream

Condition: A homeowner along Elbert Creek wanted improvements made to enhance the fish habitat for fishing opportunities and to improve the natural landscaping.

Solution: Rocks and boulders (all collected on site) were strategically and aesthetically placed along a 1,000 ft. stretch of Elbert Creek to slow the stream down, creating a babbling brook and pools. This enhancement, along with trees and willows already on the property, provided a natural landscape and shade for the trout.

Backyard Oasis

Windom Ponds

Granite Ranch

Pond Aeration System

Winter Pond Aeration