Meet Corey Sue

For the Colorado girl with a propensity for seasickness, marine biology would prove to rock Corey Sue Hutchison's lifeboat, inspiring her to change her seaward gaze to inland aquatic habitats. So she switched her degree to watershed management, receiving her BS in Fisheries Biology and masters in Watershed Management, Forest Hydrology and River Geomorphology from Oregon State University.

In 1989, when a job opportunity presented itself in the mighty San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado, the enthusiastic dynamo eagerly moved to Durango. During her five-year stint working with the San Juan National Forest as fisheries biologist, Corey Sue honed her skills in river preservation, spearheading the native cutthroat reestablishment project with the Division of Wildlife in the Hermosa Creek watershed.

Aqua-Hab & San Juan River Basin Work

Corey Sue launched Aqua-Hab in 1994 and has since worked with government, tribal and private sectors, specializing in fish habitat evaluation and improvement, river channel and bank stabilization and wetlands delineation and creation. She's played an imperative role in watershed improvement and erosion control along the Animas, La Plata, Mancos, Dolores, Florida, Pine, Rio Grande, San Juan and Piedra rivers.

Besides serving as a steward for the waterways of the San Juan River Basin, Corey Sue has earned credentials in landscape design, partnering with landowners and developers to beautify aquatic landscapes with fish ponds, waterfalls, rock art and those dreamy trout honey holes that make the weekend fisherman and fisherwoman feel like heroes.

Corey Sue Hutchinson is a tireless advocate for water resources, exercising her voice as a member of the International Erosion Control Association, Society of Wetland Scientists and Colorado Native Plant Society. She's also on the US Army Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineator List and board of directors for Durango Nature Studies. When she's not working on aquatic rehabilitation projects, Corey Sue is probably skiing powder.

"Rivers are dynamic. They can be nudged, but they can't be controlled. Humility is a requirement for this job...sometimes Mother Nature has other ideas."

- Corey Sue Hutchinson (Fly Fishing for Sharks...)